If you're ordering a Scorpion Panel:

To avoid damaging DNA and killing yeast & bacteria:

  • Keep cool with ice packs.

  • Ship by overnight delivery with a parcel carrier like FedEx or UPS.

Scorpions samples should NOT be frozen or boiled.

For all other analyses:

To prevent problems from fermentation, juice samples should be frozen or boiled for shipment, and clearly marked as either “FROZEN” or “BOILED” depending on the treatment used.


Boil samples with a loosely fitting cap to prevent evaporation and concentration. Do not over-boil.


Freeze the sample in a plastic ETS sample tube. Do not over-fill the tube – leave a small space for the sample to expand when frozen.
 Never freeze samples in glass containers to prevent breakage and injury.

ETS offers free shipping kits, which include an insulated envelope and an ice pack. Log in to your account to place a supply order, and we'll send them out to you free of charge by ground shipping.

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