No special packaging is required – just make sure the samples are clearly labeled with your client account information and the requested analyses.

Requesting a courier pickup:

1. While logged in to your account, open the winery dashboard you're submitting samples for and click the "Request Courier" button



2. Click the address field to choose from the winery's saved addresses. You can also type in a new address.

Addresses entered in the Courier Request form aren't saved to your account - if you'll be using an address frequently, you can save it as a Location in your account settings.

3. Enter a phone number so our driver can call with any questions. Any special instructions or requests can be left in the instructions field. (e.g. gate code, requests for supplies)

4. When you see the confirmation screen, we've successfully received your request, and our courier team has been notified. We'll call you if we have any questions.

Courier Service Area:

If you receive an error message when requesting a courier, the address you entered is probably outside of our standard courier range. You can use the "EDIT" button to return to the previous screen, and try entering a different address.

Our courier service is available in most areas within driving distance of our labs.

If you're seeing this error message, but believe your address is within our courier range, please contact us so that we can help.

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