Wine or Water samples

Samples (including wine taken from opened bottles) should be submitted in new, unused, glass sample bottles with a Teflon or foil-lined lid. The container should be filled to the top, with no headspace.

Do not use plastic containers or lids, since they adsorb haloanisoles.

Bottled wine

Unopened commercial bottles can be submitted as-is – just attach an ETS sample label.


Cork samples may be submitted in sealed containers (glass or plastic) or in sealed plastic bags.

(Plastic containers or bags are acceptable for cork samples because they do not significantly deplete corks of haloanisoles.)

Atmospheric Traps

We use atmospheric traps to test for airborne haloanisoles in enclosed spaces and facilities. You can order the traps and other sampling supplies at no charge, and will need to follow the instructions for using ETS Atmospheric Traps.

Order sample containers

ETS provides glass sample bottles to our clients at no cost. These bottles have a Teflon®-lined lid, and are appropriate for wine, cork soaks, and water. Just log in to your account, and submit a supply order.

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