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How should I label my samples?
How should I label my samples?

Make sure to clearly identify the client name and requested analyses.

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Each sample should be labeled with 3 key pieces of information:

1. Client Account

If you ordered sample labels, they'll be pre-printed with your client barcode. Otherwise, we'll need the business name on your ETS Client Account.

2. Sample ID:

This is the "name" we'll assign to your sample. You'll use it to search for the sample on our website, and we'll use it to identify the sample on your final lab report.

3. Choose analyses:

ETS sample labels are marked with many of our frequent tests. If you don’t see the analysis you want listed on the label, just write it down under “other”.

Please do not submit unlabeled bottles or tubes.

To ensure we can identify samples and make sure you receive your results, each sample you submit should be clearly marked with its own label.

How to get sample labels

Order free pre-printed labels for fastest processing

ETS provides pre-printed sample labels with your Client ID barcode. All you need to do to submit a sample is write in a Sample ID and select your requested analyses.

We'll ship labels and other supplies to you free of charge. Just log in to place a supply order from your account dashboard, and we'll send it out using ground shipping.

You can also print your own samples labels on standard Avery 5395 labels using the templates on the "Order Supplies" page:

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