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Linking accounts to view ETS results in Vintrace
Linking accounts to view ETS results in Vintrace
We will need authorization, and will send you login details to connect Vintrace to ETS
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1. Send us authorization

Please send an email to with your ETS account name and number, authorizing us to release your lab results to Vintrace.

  • If you're not listed as an account administrator, we will need one of the account administrators to add you, or else send the authorization themselves.

2. Send configuration Details

If you are using Vintrace's cloud hosting, nothing else is needed.

If you will be hosting the software on your own server, we will need to know the static IP address your Vintrace system will be using. Please include this information when sending your authorization.

3. Finalize Setup in Vintrace

Once the setup is complete, we will send you a username and password, which you can use in the Vintrace software to connect to your ETS accounts.

For more details about the process of configuring Vintrace, visit their support center.


We're happy to help with any questions about the authorization form, your ETS accounts, or the ETS username and password.

For any questions about the setting up or configuring the connection inside the Vintrace software, contact the Vintrace team.

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