For clients who frequently send in samples, it can be more convenient to set up automatic payments, rather than processing each invoice individually. 

Payment Methods:

Automatic Payments can be set up using a credit card or a bank account (ACH)

Billing Cycle:

You can choose how often we run the automatic payment:

  • Daily - we will charge all open invoices each day

  • Weekly - we will charge all open invoices each week

  • Monthly - we will charge all open invoices each month

What’s Charged?

The AutoPay system will charge all unpaid invoices on your account when it runs.

How To Activate AutoPay:

2. Click the “AutoPay Settings” button

3. Add a payment method (or select an existing one)

IMPORTANT: The billing address must match the address your credit card statement is mailed to, or the bank will reject the charge.

4. Choose a billing cycle

5. Turn the AutoPay switch to "ACTIVE"

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