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Managing Account Settings
Inviting new users to access your account
Inviting new users to access your account

You can invite your colleagues or collaborators to access your ETS account and lab results

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1. Click "View My Clients", and select the Client Account you'd like to modify:

2. Click the Team Members button:

3. Click "Add Team Member", enter their email address, and click "Save":

You can assign the new team member a user role and control whether they receive emailed copies of Invoices and/or Lab Reports

4. The new team member will need to click the verification link that is emailed to them, and set up a password if they don't have one already.

What are the different user roles?

You can restrict access for each user to either Lab Results (Reporting User), Billing Info (Billing User), or both (Full User).

What can administrators do?

Team Members marked as administrators have additional access that other team members do not. Administrators can:

  • Invite new users to access an account

  • Remove users from an account

  • Add or remove administrator rights on all users

  • Change the account's mailing address

  • Opt out of mailed copies of reports and/or invoices

Your account can have as many administrators as you'd like.

If someone requests changes to an account's settings by phone or email, ETS staff will need to get the changes approved by one of the account administrators.

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